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Deep Tissue body work is a therapeutic technique used to reduce or eliminate bodily pain and discomfort. This technique often goes very deep into musculoskeletal tissue; however the term "deep"mostly refers more to it's penetrating effects. Deep tissue work is designed to relieve muscles of scarring and adhesions that cause pain and limited range of motion, reduce pain and swelling after injury, and increase ease and range of motion. While this technique can seem very "clinical", it can be profoundly relaxing. Treatments usually begin with a softening and warming of the area before slower and sometimes intense sustained pressure is applied.

Sports Massage
It’s no secret, Sports Massage is part of every elite level Sports Medicine team. So, what do they know? Athletes who incorporate Sports Massage into their training and maintenance programs can tell you, you can have all the sports accessories in the world, but if you’re serious about your sport(s) you need to take care of the body that performs. Whether you are ‘elite’ or not. The benefits of Sports Massage include improved circulation, flexibility and range of motion, decreased recovery time from competition and training, injury prevention, increased muscular efficiency and increased physical awareness.
Efficient circulation supply to musculoskeletal tissue increase delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen, which helps increase bodily productivity and removal of metabolic waste. By breaking up scar tissue and adhesions, muscles and tendons are released form inefficiency and are free to glide the way they were designed. Regular massage addresses these adhesions before they become strains, sprains or tears.  While Sports Massage can be effective pre and post event, it is best planned out and integrated into your training cycle. (package treatments are available)

Wellness/Swedish Massage is generally known as a relaxation massage. Each session begins with long, gliding
strokes to help improve circulation and warm up the tissue for deeper strokes. Pressure is adjusted to your
comfort. Requested areas of focus receive more attention. The typical Swedish massage covers all areas of the
back, legs, arms, hands, feet. While relaxation is probably the most noticeable benefit, you are also increasing your circulation, cleansing tissues and stretching muscles and joints. The mind is allowed to relax in a quiet safe place. You should expect to feel renewed and refreshed at the end of your session. You muscles and
joints should feel relaxed.

  • This massage style is also ideal for Pregnancy Massage, if you’re pregnant please let us know when you schedule so we can be sure to set up customized cushions for you.
  • Customized aromatherapy is also available.

Injury Treatment /Medical Massage*
Whether you are suffering from whip-lash, tennis elbow or a strained ankle, massage therapy is a much more beneficial treatment plan than pills and injections. A referral from your physician is required. Within the specifications of your referring provider we will assess and evaluate soft tissue conditions and make appropriate plans for effective treatment. Often treatment sessions incorporate many modalities of massage, and are usually limited to the specific area of concern. Gentle work applied in the early inflammatory phases of an injury to increase circulation and the rate of healing. Ultimately, reduction in adhesions aid in the restoration of broadened tissue required for normal movement. Massage therapy increases the local blood supply and that increasing circulation and reduction of scar tissue allow those bundles of connective tissue free movement.

Each client is unique, for specific questions regarding a treatment plan, payments and insurance billing

*please contact us.