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I can say from experience amy does have a super duper hands. -S.Y.

Ditto! Amy is amazing - got me healthy and kept me there through back to back marathons! -S.L.

Thanks for keeping my body working through all those distance events! -B.E.

I thank you for the best massage I have had in a very long time. i am very busy right now but I will be back as soon as I can and I will tell all I know about you Thank you again Amy you deserver to be awarded with much buziness Love & Light -S.

 This is a great time for you to get massage from the same amazingly skilled woman who has been keeping me going all these years!! As the owner/operator of an organic vegetable farm, I often think that I would be a great poster child for her business. She takes care of my stress and my aches and pains from physical work. I can't recommend her highly enough! -G.B.


Amy, I want you to know how indescribably grateful I am to have ever had you as a coach!! You're the best mentor I could have asked for, and I still remember all the tips you gave me during swimming on performance, fixing leg cramps, and being a better person in general. ♥ I also want you to know that you were my topic of choice for a profile assignment that I was given in my English 101 class - don't worry, I had only good things to say about you :p I just finished revising the paper to add to my final portfolio and I've been looking for photos to add. I dug up my CD slideshow that we were given at the end of my senior season, and re-living all those memories with my coach& teammates is literally bringing tears to my eyes. Thanks for making swim team one of the few things that I dearly miss about high school!  -C.S.


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